Southwest WN1039

Flight WN1039 is a domestic flight operated by Southwest on route from Spokane (GEG) to Sacramento (SMF), terminal B under call-sign SWA1039. On July 26, 2021 this flight has status "arrived" and it's operated on Boeing 737-700 (winglets) with registration N492WN. This flight departed in Spokane at 10:04 local time. This flight arrived in Sacramento at 11:36 local time. Total flight time is 2 hr. 32 min. Travel distance is 1046 km (650 miles).

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arrived Boeing 737-700 (winglets) N492WN     01:32     1046 km

Spokane GEG


Usually departs 10 min late

Sacramento SMF B


Usually arrives 6 min early

arrived Boeing 737-700 (winglets) N492WN     01:08     651 km

Sacramento SMF B


Usually departs 30 min late

Santa Ana SNA


Usually arrives 9 min late